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Why Install a Security System?

Installing a security system or burglar alarm in your home or business is a great way to reduce the risk of a break in, as well as a great way to ensure the safety of your family, and your property. provides the best way to recieve customised quotes from professional security system companies to secure both your home and business.

How to Choose an Alarm Company

Choosing an alarm company can be a daunting task, and the technology and terms can be complicated. Here are some suggestions to aide in your selection:

*Ask friends or neighbors for recommendations.

*Get quotes from at least three different companies.

*Ask how quickly the security company will install your system after purchase.

*Determine how quickly they respond to requests for service after installation.

*Ask about warranties and ask for references from some of their recent customers who have required service and call and talk to these people.

*Ask the alarm company what screening they do when hiring their alarm installers and salespeople. You should hire a company that screens for criminal backgrounds/records, etc.

*Call your local police and fire departments and ask how long it takes them to respond to a home security system alarm. Be sure to ask if there are any fines for false alarms.

*When comparing prices compare detection coverage and features. Not all coverage plans are the same.

Home Security

Home SecurityKnowing that your home and family are being watched over by a home security system provides peace of mind whether you are at home or away. Home security should be important to everyone whether you live in an apartment, condo, or in a house. Home security isn�t just about an alarm system, but also about being aware of the surroundings, and maintaining good security habits that include things like, always locking doors, even if you are at home, not leaving garage door openers in cars, and making sure to close and lock windows before going out. To learn more home security tips, please click on the residential link button above to speak with some of the top security companies in the country.

Video Surveillance

Video SurveillanceVideo surveillance helps you to keep an eye on what�s most important to you- whether you�re home or not. A home security system is a great start to protecting your home, family, and property, but a video surveillance system gives the added protection of allowing you to see exactly who�s in or around your house at all times, often even remotely from a web-enabled computer, your PDA, or even your cell phone.

A Video Surveillance System will allow you to:
* See who�s approaching your house when you aren�t home.
* Confirm children have arrives safely home from school.
* Check in on pets during the day.
* Watch the nanny or repair people.
* Check in on your home while away on vacation, and much more.
For more information please click on the links above to learn about either residential or commercial video surveillance systems.

Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access ControlElectronic Access control is a great way to control who as access to what areas of your business and when. Electronic access allows set employee access schedules, delivery schedules, or even allow employees different levels of access at different times of the day. It also allows owners or managers to keep track of who has been where and when via electronic logs, thus giving you information that you can use to help improve efficiency of day to day operations. To learn more about how electronic access control can help your business, please click on the commercial security button above.