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Why Install a Security System?

Installing a security system or burglar alarm in your home or business is a great way to reduce the risk of a break in, as well as a great way to ensure the safety of your family, and your property. provides the best way to recieve customised quotes from professional security system companies to secure both your home and business.

How to Choose an Alarm Company

Choosing an alarm company can be a daunting task, and the technology and terms can be complicated. Here are some suggestions to aide in your selection:

*Ask friends or neighbors for recommendations.

*Get quotes from at least three different companies.

*Ask how quickly the security company will install your system after purchase.

*Determine how quickly they respond to requests for service after installation.

*Ask about warranties and ask for references from some of their recent customers who have required service and call and talk to these people.

*Ask the alarm company what screening they do when hiring their alarm installers and salespeople. You should hire a company that screens for criminal backgrounds/records, etc.

*Call your local police and fire departments and ask how long it takes them to respond to a home security system alarm. Be sure to ask if there are any fines for false alarms.

*When comparing prices compare detection coverage and features. Not all coverage plans are the same.

SafeTech Alarm SystemsSafe-Tech Alarm Systems

Cut theft by 50%!  For over 15 years we have been custom designing security installations that work!

By strategically locating devices designed to detect intrusion, Safetech has acquired a unique ability to successfully protect both people and property. By blending together different security technologies and procedures we achieve the highest security standard possible with the lowest “rate of loss” among our clients in the industry.

A Safetech loss prevention expert may recommend combining two or more of the following surveillance tools to detect and deter crime:

  • Burglar, Fire + Flood Alarms
  • Surveillance cameras + Recorders
  • Card Access Control Systems
  • Article Surveillance Tags
  • Area Wide RFID
  • GPS Tracking
  • Medical Alarm (Personal Emergency Response Systems)

All of the above systems come with computer software that can be managed by us or the end user, and can be monitored by our central station - 24/7.

Additionally, the installation of a physical security solution may be recommended in order to prevent future loss, such as:

  • Window Film
  • Window Bars + Gates
  • Security Keys
  • Door & Window locks
  • Security Signs
  • Security Guards
  • Convex Mirrors
  • Computer Cages
  • Security Cable
  • Client / Employee Training and Investigations
  • Fencing

Only by taking a comprehensive integrated security approach to the needs of our clients can the best results be achieved. For instance, statistically adding an alarm will reduce a chance of a ‘break and enter’ by 10x when compared with a home that has no alarm system. However, if you combine one or more surveillance tools together, such as an alarm system combined with video surveillance cameras, your chance of a ‘break and enter’ is reduced by 40x when compared with an unprotected property.

Furthermore, even if you do end up being a victim of a ‘break and enter’ the amount of property stolen is 50% less than it would be if the premise only had an alarm system. Compare this to a property that has little or no protection (no alarm or video cameras) the savings are even greater, with a total 80% reduction in loss of property value. Therefore, security surveillance tools work even better when used in tandem to prevent property loss and are a very effective way of deterring and reducing crime.

Type of Company: Security Service Provider - Alarm Monitoring, Cabling Contractor, Fire Protection & Life Safety, Guard Services, IT Security, Locksmith, Security/Alarm Company, Security Consultant, Systems Integrator

Products/Service Offered: Access Control, Biometrics, CCTV, Covert Video, Digital Video Surveillance, Fencing, Fire & Life Safety, Guard Response, Home Automation, Integrated Systems Systems, Intercom Equipment, Locks & Door Hardware, Loss Prevention, Outdoor & Perimeter Protection, Wireless Security Systems, Wiring & Cabling

Industry Memberships: CANASA, ULC, Local Board of Trade, Local Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Home Builders Association, Canadian Construction Association

Free Alarm Offer

Deter thieves and reduce your chance of a break-in with a residential alarm system

Outfit your home, apartment or condo with this high-quality DSC Power 632 Alarm System FREE with a 36-month monitoring service agreement.

That's right - you pay ONLY the monthly monitoring fee of $25.95 and you will enjoy the security of a fully monitored and installed alarm system. Save money on your annual insurance bill and get peace of mind knowing you have reduced your chance of being broken into.

System Details:
*The following items are included in the 'free alarm system':

   DSC Power 632 Control Panel

   Monitor Your Existing System

  • 32 Zone Capability Control Panel
  • 32 Zone Keypad with Fire Ambulance & Panic Buttons
  • Door/Window Contacts
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Indoor Siren
  • 1 Back-Up Battery
  • All Labour & Wire
  • Warning Decals
  • Insurance Certificate
  • $25.95 Mo. Monitoring (36 Mo.)
  • Free Reprogramming
  • Free System Diagnostic
  • 1 Year Preventative Maintenance Warranty
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Warning Decals
  • $22.95 Mo. Monitoring (36 Mo.)

* Add $3.00 per month for our extended warranty program. *