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Home Intrusion Plan

Occasionally, regardless of all of the care taken, a home security system will not fend off a determined burglar. In the event that this should happen, having an emergency plan can help to keep your family safe.

First, your family needs to agree on a secret, but memorable code word such as "robin" or "cactus blossom" or any other phrase which meaning can not be easily understood by a stranger. Everyone in the family should know how to enact the plan, and perform drills to ensure that younger children react as planned.

Some important safety tips to remember are:

  • Alert everyone in the household by saying your code word over the intercom--this sets the plan into motion
  • Keep yourself safe, you cannot help your family if you are in danger
  • Call the police or press the panic button on your home security system
  • Children should lock their doors and hide in their rooms--either under the bed, in a toy chest or in the closet
  • Do not confront the burglar if you can help it.

Everyone needs to know that their safety is of utmost importance, and staying safe is the main priority.