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Children and Home Security

Teaching your children about home security and how they can protect themselves will keep them safe and lower your anxiety level. Eventually every child gets to an age where you can leave him or her alone at home for short periods of time. There are safety practices that your child needs to know.

  • How to arm and disarm the home security system

  • How to properly answer the door

  • When to call 911 and what to tell the emergency operator

  • How to reach you when you are at work or running errands

Instructing your child to never allow anyone into the house under any circumstances--not even someone who claims to be a policeman--will keep him or her safe and your home security intact.

Your child also needs to know that he/she should never let a caller know that he or she is home alone. Advise him or her that they should tell the caller you are unable to come to the phone. No one needs to know that your child is home without you.