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Intruders' Worst Enemies

A number of things can be done to help to ensure home security.

First and foremost, you need to understand how a burglar thinks. Light, time, and noise are an intruder's worst enemies. Your home won't be considered an easy target if a burglar has no option but to work in a well lit area, if the break-in will take a lot of time, and if he can't work in peace and quiet. Darkness and shade offer protection for an intruder and an excellent breach in your home security. Sure, privacy fences and ornate shrubbery look good and offer privacy for your home, but they also offer privacy for criminals. Consider trading a little extra privacy for a bit of added home security. Force any would-be burglar to confront a real enemy--light.

Making robbing your home a noisy job can also up your home security. Installing a home security system with an alarm, mounted exterior lights, and door and window detectors will help dissuade an intruder.