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Fire Safety Tips

  • An important part of fire safety is prevention. 82% of all fire related deaths occur in the home.1 Listed below are some useful tips to help keep your family and home safe from fire.
    • Install Smoke Detectors
      Every home should be equipped with smoke detectors on every level, particularly outside of sleeping areas. A monitored smoke detector provides a quick link to help in an emergency, whether you are at home or away.

    • Test your smoke detectors
      Ensure your smoke detectors are tested monthly and batteries are replaced twice a year.

    • Clean your gutters regularly
      Dry leaves and evergreen needles in rain gutters can catch fire; so clean your gutters regularly—especially during fire season.

    • Do not overload circuits or sockets
      Make sure every room has enough electrical outlets to avoid the need for multiple attachment plugs, which overload the circuits.

    • Plan an escape route
      Have an escape route for each area of the home and a designated meeting place outside.