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Home Security Systems

A residence without a home security system is approximately three times more likely to be broken into than one without. Homeowners who have home security systems loose an average of $400 less in valuables in the event of a robbery. These facts prove that the installation of a home security system dissuades intruders and protects your home. Home security systems can include everything you could possibly need.

  • Perimeter sensors on outside doors and windows
  • Timers for interior and exterior lights
  • Sirens, strobe lights and other alert mechanisms
  • Home security cameras for inside or outside use
  • Motion detectors in key inside areas
  • A control unit to interpret and respond to signals from the above
  • A connection to a central monitoring station which notifies the police of a breach in your home security

Solidify your overall sense of safety with a home security system. There aren't any good reasons for you to be fearful in your own home.